Since 2010, I have worked as a consultant to various governmental and non-governmental organisations in fields related to children’s environments and urban design and planning. During my time with CERG, I worked extensively with Dr. Roger Hart and Dr. Pamela Wridt as a research associate and project director for global projects related to child friendly cities. Here, my work included co-developing and co-managing projects for global organisations like UNICEF and Plan International, and facilitating participatory workshops with children, young people and adults in countries including USA, Haiti, Uganda, Benin, India and Egypt. 

My consulting work focuses on developing research projects with local organizations and universities with an aim to influence state, national and global policy-making for children living in urban areas. In addition to my ongoing design practice at GRIT, I continue to offer consulting services to organizations working in the field of children’s environments.

Listed below is a detailed summary of my current and past consulting experience:

April 2022 – March 2023Expert-Consultant for Early Childhood Development for World Resources Institute’s Infant-Toddler Caregiver (ITC) Friendly Mobility project in India. Responsibilities: Offer expertise and support in completion of drafts related to (a) ITC-centric high-level policy brief; (b) ITC-friendly mobility planning toolkit and development of Pune city specific plan; and (c) ITC- friendly mobility plan for Pune. Further, provide support in finalization of key action points of ITC-friendly mobility planning policy and preparation of the capacity building modules related to the same.
Feb. 2020 – 2021Project Manager Consultant for World Resources Institute’s (WRI) Infant-Toddler Caregiver Neighborhood (ITCN) project within BernardvanLeer Foundation’s Urban-95 program. Responsibilities: Co-manage, strategize and plan with colleagues at WRI-India Ross Center for Sustainable cities to roll out the ITCN challenge in major Indian cities. Also, provide research guidance and mentoring to the team to roll out their individual research projects related to the ITCN project.
Feb. 2018 – 2021Project Co-director for nation-wide study on ‘State of Children’s Play in India’ led by International Play Association-India (IPA-India) and Action for Children’s Environments (ACE) Responsibilities: Project co-director, research design, planning and management of 20 local partners across India with Dr. Sudeshna Chatterjee of ACE, New Delhi.
Nov. 2016 –   Feb. 2017CERG Project Director for Young Citizens Score Cards (YCSC) Blended Learning Course in Cairo, Egypt. (Funder: Plan International) Responsibilities: Preparation, planning and facilitation of face-to-face workshop in Cairo to implement YCSC
  Nov.– Dec. 2016Project Director for Implementation of Child Friendly Places approach in Mumbai, India. (Funder: Apnalaya) Responsibilities: Training and support to community youth and adults in implementing ‘Child Friendly Places methdology’ to Apnalaya’s programs related to Education and Citizenship, Health, Disabilities, Disaster Risk Reduction and Livelihood.
July – Nov. 2016CERG Project Co-director for Young Citizens Score Cards (YCSC) Blended Learning Course via Plan Academy. (Funder: Plan International) Responsibilities: Design of handover strategies and project planning for fully transitioning YCSC by training close to 40 programme managers across 15 countries with Dr. Bijan Kimiagar. Also, provided technical guidance in online training and implementing YCSC to Plan International’s key personnel.
Mar.–Apr. 2016Project Director for Feasibility study of digitalization of score cards in New Delhi, India. (Funded by Plan International) Responsibilities: Evaluation study research design and field-testing of audience response system for scoring service indicators with adolescent girls and boys, and adult community members.
Sept. 2015 –  Jan. 2016CERG Project Co-director for Young Citizens Score Cards Blended Learning Course in Benin, Togo and Burkina Faso, West Africa (Funder: Plan International) Responsibilities: Design and implementation of a blended learning course for managers in Plan Country Offices (Benin, Togo and Burkina Faso) with two main components: (1) an online course covering the six modules of the CERG-Plan score cards approach or YCSC via and (2) five-day, face-to-face pilot workshop with girls, boys and service providers from one community in Beninwith Dr. Bijan Kimiagar.
Nov. 2014 –  May 2015CERG Research Associate, Safe and Inclusive Cities, Because I Am A Girl Urban Programme, Kampala, Uganda and New Delhi, India (Funder: Plan International) Responsibilities: Co-development of Project Guidance note; Research and development of Child and Youth-friendly modules for Score cards approach and Youth-friendly Entitlements Analysis tools; Safe and inclusive cities tools; Workshop management and facilitation; and Development of Scorecards modules and tools with Dr. Pamela Wridt in Uganda and Dr. Bijan Kimiagar in New Delhi.
Jan. 2013 –   Aug. 2014CERG Research Associate and South-Asia coordinator, Child Friendly Places Resource Toolkit (Funder: Bernard Van Leer Foundation) Responsibilities: Research, design and development of Child Friendly Places resource toolkit with Dr. Pamela Wridt.
Apr. 2013 –    2016External evaluator for Street and Working Children, Shaishav, Bhavnagar, India Responsibilities: Design and conduct a three year evaluation to study impact of Shaishav in Bhavnagar, Gujarat. Evaluation includes pre, post and impact studies.
July 2013Research Consultant for Children’s Play in India, Flamingo Int., London
Apr. 2010 –   May 2012CERG Research Associate for developing Children’s Participatory Assessment Toolkit for Transitional Learning Spaces in Emergency Contexts in Haiti (Funder: UNICEF) Responsibilities: Design and pilot testing of participatory assessment tool kits for children to assess their school environments in Haiti with Dr. Pamela Wridt. Pilot test of LEGO as a participatory tool with children to design and plan their classrooms.
Feb. 2011 –   Apr. 2011CERG Research Assistant in completion of a section titled ‘Planning Cities with Children in Mind’ for UNICEF’s State of the World’s Children Report 2012.
Apr. 2010 –    May 2011Project evaluator and CERG Research Assistant, Child Friendly Communities, East Harlem, New York (Funder: US Fund for UNICEF) Responsibilities: Evaluate youth engagement and participation in after-school programs; develop and conduct project evaluation including observation of sessions with youth, pre-/post-test surveys, documentation of process using video, and individual interviews of staff; and assist project director in technical and research needs of project.